It’s A Wrap


My children, even at their most mind-numbingly fussy, just can’t say no to a wrapped foodstuff. Be it of the yuk sung, crispy duck, burrito, fajitas or tandoori variety, it is by far their most favourite food group. And who can blame them? There is something incredibly satisfying in eating something wrapped up. It somehow immediately makes it juicier, crunchier, tastier and most definitely more exciting. Continue reading →


Cold Comfort Cabbage



January can be a bit of a bleak start to the year. It’s cold, often wet, the excitement and excess of Christmas and celebrations of the new year are behind you, you’re potentially rather over indulged in the food and drink department and you’re skint. So what better time Continue reading →

Fudging The Festivities

img_2321I don’t quite understand what’s happened this year, Christmas has well and truly crept up on me. I don’t know if it was the children breaking up from school earlier than usual, rather more juggling of various things in the run up, being totally disorganised, my (ahem) advancing years, or all of the above, but whatever the reason, it has taken quite some time for me to finally get around to getting my Christmas on.
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Gettin’ Piggy With It


Or perhaps Gettin’ Hyggy With It is more apt, as hygge, the Scandinavian art of hunkering down for the winter, is most definitely *the* thing to be revelling in right now. And what better way to celebrate than by dusting off the good old slow cooker, gathering your nearest and dearest and feasting on a nice bit of pig. Continue reading →

Autumn days when the grass is jewelled…

The hazy days of Autumn, oh how I love thee. Crisp walks in the woods, cloudy breath in the air, cosy fires and snuggly scarves and of course… shit loads of apples and blackberries, plus all the wholesome fun of the scrumping and blackberrying to boot.  Continue reading →

Picnic while the sun shines… What DO real men eat?


My daughter goes back to school this week, but with a couple of training days to ease us in it feels like we’ve all been granted a reprieve and the holidays aren’t quite over yet… As we eek out these last few days of leisure, wanting to make the most of carefree days before we’re governed by the bloody bell tolling, speed teeth brushing and who’s put whose shoes down the loo… What better way to do it than with a picnic! Continue reading →

Summer Camp


This summer, we lost control of our senses entirely and for the first time went on a proper camping holiday as a family of four. We’d camped at festivals before but this was the first time since the children were born that we’d braved the full on holiday under canvas…. And it was a blast! We were blessed with pretty good weather, a couple of really beautiful days and the rain we did have was nothing a bit of midweek rewaterproofing couldn’t handle! We stayed on a working farm, complete with lots of friendly animals, right by the coast Continue reading →

A stinging success!

If my last post, about foraging for elderflowers, has got you scampering out and about like Barbara Good in search of tasty treats and you’re hungry for more free fodder, then this could be for you.  With the summer holidays now upon us this is also a great one for the children to get involved in, the foodstuff is plentiful no matter where you live, and my children certainly have got such a kick out of finding, cooking and eating …. wait for it… Stinging nettles! Continue reading →

What’s a forage between friends?


So Summer is suddenly upon us!  The last few weeks of term whizzing by before the seemingly endless stretch of Summer holidays… And then, before we know it, it’s September again! Now that the weather has finally and grudgingly agreed to be somewhat more seasonal, we thought we’d take advantage and take to the woods!

First on our list were elderflower. It’s become a bit of an annual occurrence now that once we first spy the frothy white heads, my daughter and I will make a plan to go gather them to make cordial. Continue reading →

Did someone say pancakes?


So, as the title may allude, this post has only been in the pipeline for the last 4 months… apologies for my silence, you know when life and children…and life and children… and life just get in the way? Well, that.  Anyway, as I was saying…PANCAKES!

We get pretty excited about pancakes in this house. As you know they are our favourite breakfast treat
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